Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I bought: the Oakely Goodwill

I had been to the Oakley Goodwill once before 

while I was furniture shopping a year ago and was severely disappointed.  My sole purpose for this trip was to find a coffee grinder (I didn't).  I did, however, happen upon a sale which forced me to comb the racks, and eventually, purchase these two excellent finds.

 Crop Swing Jacket in Yellow Paid

$3.50 (originally $6.99)

Isn't the plaid pattern great?

As you can see this jacket still has the tag and button on...
it has never been worn!
I envision myself wearing this unbuttoned with a dress or high-waisted skirt.

Chocolate Wrap Skirt

$1.99 (originally $3.99)

This skirt looks like it has never been worn. 
I love the simplicity of it. 
I imagine it with cowboy boots,
a cozy sweater and an updo.

A small, classic detail.



Until tomorrow, bon nuit!

:) Amy

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