Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cincinnati Thrift Store Sales Now on Cincinnati Thrift

Woah, that's a mouthful!

But it sure is exciting!

All greater Cincinnati Goodwill Thrift Store sales
will now be listed on the right sidebar.


Look for this image.

Greater Cincinnati Goodwill Thrift Store Sales

And click it!

Did you know that all Greater Goodwill Cincinnati Stores have the same monthly sales?
I had no idea!

The link also provides a list of all participating thrift stores.

And even a coupon!

Get excited!

If you would like to have your thrift store sales listed on Cincinnati Thrift email Amy at


Monday, September 9, 2013

Lunch Break Unbroken

Some things in life never change. 


Like lunch breaks. 


It has always been a magical part of the day to me. 


Elementary school was all about lunch box trading. In middle school, one of my friends would buy flavored water and we'd all take "shots" from the cap followed by the phrase "Hit me again, it's been a long day." True story. In high school, we tried to cram as many seats around our usual table before promptly being scolded for doing so. Such rebellious youth.  In college, I was surrounded by some of the most talented, funny people alive. Most of my breaks were spent simultaneously laughing and trying to keep food down.

Lunch time at Stephens College

Typical lunch time at Stephens College with the HILARIOUS Amy Jo.

And look, I'm even wearing one of my favorite thrifted pieces - a locket.

Thrifted locket.

And I can't mention college lunch time
without thinking about Dana Gutierrez's face. 

This was a sandwich break before the STL Zoo.
She took that bread to comedy level filet minion, if you know what I mean...


Or as some people call it, the present.

For about a year now, Cory and I have worked at the same company.
Although we work in different departments,
we manage to take lunch together about 95% of the time.  

Of course, I'm all about a thrifty lunch. 


My favorite breaks involve a lunch box and lying in the grass.
As you can imagine, our attempts at napping are often spoiled by the families of ants that inhabit the park.
I think most of this could be solved if we simply used a bigger blanket.

Thrifty Lunch break at Alms Park.

After Cory took this photo, he said it looked like my feet were glowing with the light of God. 
I prefer to think of them as nuclear feet - like I stepped in radioactive material and then went about my day.
Either way, this photo makes them look deformed. You're welcome.

Thrifted red LOFT cardigan.

LOFT cardigan $4.49, St.Vincent De Paul on Glenway.

Ralph Lauren leopard print sweater shell. $1.99 Goodwill in Burlington, KY. 

Thrifting in Cincinnati
Cory really should have told me how jumbled my shirt looked here...

Cincinnati Thrift

 Pants, Gap brands outlet in Hebron, KY $9.99.

Outfit from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Thrift Stores
I hear this pose makes every outfit look better. And I'd have to agree.

Bon Nuit!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Accidental Glamour


Have I ever mentioned how weird it is
to have a million photos of yourself taken?

Because it is.

Inherently weird to me.

I think it stems back to childhood.
Like most, my parents would chronicle every first day of the new school year.
Didn't we all whine and complain?
And now outfit documentation is a thing! I.E. much of this blog.

So is this a paradigm shift in the case for vanity? 


Yeah, probably.

But I'm claiming this blog in the name of education and thrifting good-will.
These are real applications of my thrifty excursions and how pieces can work in your life.
Or not work, depending if our styles cross. 

Accidental Glamour Shot

This is what you call an accidental glamor shot. 

It's also Cory's first snap.
Or maybe I should say click since it's an iPhone.
A magical Beyonce-like wind blew up and gave my hair some life.
I have no idea what I'm doing with my hand but it turned out pretty. 

Because most of my photos turn out like this....

Real Life


Eyes closed, mouth open, unnatural pose.

Seriously, why would a human twist his or her leg like that?
And don't get me started on the hand growing out of my stomach.

Welcome to real life. 

Now back to regular thrift programing.

Thrifting in Cincinnati

 Necklace, $3, Goodwill in Blair Nebraska.
JCrew Tshirt, $2.50, Snooty Fox in Hyde Park

Purse, this weird second-hand store in Newport that no longer exists. $5

Shorts, Loft, $29, from last season.
I bought them during a retail therapy lunch break. It was one of those days.

Until next time, Bon Nuit!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cincinnati Thrift on Air!

In case you missed it,


check out myself and Phylicia Wilford from Black Girls Thrift Too on WCPO's "A New Day." 

Sorry for the creeper cam -- hopefully I'll have a better version soon!

Bon Nuit!