Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cincinnati Thrift Store Sales Now on Cincinnati Thrift

Woah, that's a mouthful!

But it sure is exciting!

All greater Cincinnati Goodwill Thrift Store sales
will now be listed on the right sidebar.


Look for this image.

Greater Cincinnati Goodwill Thrift Store Sales

And click it!

Did you know that all Greater Goodwill Cincinnati Stores have the same monthly sales?
I had no idea!

The link also provides a list of all participating thrift stores.

And even a coupon!

Get excited!

If you would like to have your thrift store sales listed on Cincinnati Thrift email Amy at



  1. I always try to get the flier from goodwill. Thrifting is usually spontaneous for me. Then I find out when I go that the next day is 1/2 off day...but by then someone may have bought my loot! I've got to make friends with a senior citizen...they get deals at the GW all the time!

  2. Yeah it's always a toss-up between dealing with the crowds on half-off days or paying full price but having an easier time shopping!