Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Plaid Yellow Jacket: Part II


The Polished Weekend

Jackets are back and

 in a BIG way.

So when I saw this lovely little number at my neighborhood  Thrift Shop
I was excited...
even if it was a

LITTLE crazy.

So here I am in part II of the series, trying to make it work.
As you can see, the challenge here is to work the black and yellow paid without looking like I'm hiding a stinger.

Previously, I had luck mixing this bold print with another, subtle print.
Black tank $8 (Old Navy). Shorts $29 (LOFT) Shoes $29 (MIA at Nordstrom Rack)

You can see that the leopard print almost acts as a neutral --
it helps distract from the boldness of the jacket.
Brown is usually a good way to tone down an outfit.

This outfit is totally 90's meets 50's to me. 
The jacket takes me right back to Cher in Clueless
while the shorts make me want to sip an old fashion soda.

The Outfits that Could BE

When you take a super laid-back look and add a jacket, it looks polished, yet unfussy.
Thrift American Eagle shorts. Sheer mint tank, $5 (Nordstrom Rack)

I didn't know it was possible, but I'm using
"sexy" and "yellow plaid" in the same sentence.

I am convinced that any item can work with jeans.  I see these as casual Friday outfits.

Bon Nuit!


  1. Amy! Oh my goodness. I am so happy that you commented to that I could read your blog! I love following other thrift bloggers- but I'm just a little bit overexcited because you are so close by in Cinci. I just missed you by about a year- Fever Thrift was originally about thrifting in Cinci :) My favorite thrift store ever is the Goodwill on Beechmont in Anderson- it's way too far for me to visit now, but I still miss it :( I know it would be a bit of a drive for you, but if you're able to join our Goodwill Shopping Safari (it's basically just a day of hanging out and thrifting) on Oct 19th that would be so cool- I would love to thrift together!

  2. You did a good job with that jacket, some really cute and interesting combinations : )