Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Cozy Professional


For me, the way I dress dictates the way I act.

Clothing with more structure, i.e. pencil skirts, a jacket, heels, tells my brain"tush to the cush(ion)." Sweatpants on the other hand, make me want to lay my head down on anything plush, feathered or otherwise non-hard. I will forever maintain that glasses are the sweatpants of the face, as my eyes refuse to concentrate on email when encased behind glass. If your eye balls can rise above it, congratulations, your head is more talented than mine.

As an American, I often feel we live a life of extremes.One of the beautiful traits (that I perceive) of generation Y
is that we are able to step back and say...

HEY. Where's the happy medium?

(in work, relationships and here, with clothing)

The Pink Shirt


(Read about it in other posts:
with a mustard pencil skirt or when I made the purchase.)

 As a professional, my goal is to look pulled-together, modern,
and unexpected yet comfortable.

Ninety percent of the sweaters I own are from thrift shops as they are found
in abundance because they show less wear than a t-shirt or pair of jeans.
BUT last year I was craving a high-low sweater.
I found this incredibly soft one at Old Navy ($5).
Skirt, Gap Outlet ($10)

Thrifted choker  necklace ($1).  In the previous shot
you can see I made it longer by adding a normal chain to each end.
This helped to balance out the collar.

I'm a big fan of texture.

Beautiful cameo bobbi pin my friend Rebecca made.

2009 flashback: socks with heels add comfort and dimension to an outfit.

2005 Heels from Target ($19)

Bonne nuit de Cincinnati Thrift!


  1. cute outfit

  2. great happy medium! you look comfy and profesh.