Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shopping with...Evan

Today, I went shopping with my good friend Evan.  He had previously mentioned, via text message, that he hates all the clothing he currently owns. Thus began my begging him, and eventually convincing him, to join me in my thrifting adventures.

And so the blog segment of 

Shopping With..

was born.

Evan and I focused on the area of Florence Kentucky, approximately 20 minutes from downtown Cincinnati.  Evan, a native Kentuckian, showed me two great places I had never heard of before, The Burlington Pike Thrift Store, and The House of Curious Treasures (more on these later), but our main target was Goodwill in Florence on Tanner Lane.

Cincinnati Thrift
Evan's before shot outside Goodwill.
His shirt was so sad, it crawled up into his mouth and made him frown.
That quickly changed to a smile when we learned it was
50% off everything in the store today!

Cincinnati Thrift
There are 5 dressing rooms and no lines...FANTASTIC!

Cincinnati Thrift
This Goodwill, is bright, open clean AND fits more than one person in an aisle! 
This shot shows approximately 80 percent of the clothing section.
The quality of their items was above average.
  They also had a large shoe section (mostly black), a small furniture/kitchen appliances section, and a couple racks of purses.
  I would say the main draw of this store is its vast clothing selection.  There is also a donation drive-through.




Cincinnati Thrift
And look, a smile! As you can see, the key to any great thrift store purchase is FIT and QUALITY.

Cincinnati Thrift
If you can believe it,
these photos were shot on a small patch of grass next to the thrift store parking lot.


Smart and thrifty.
What a model.  Ladies, he's single, loves the great outdoors, watching Criminal Minds,
and pondering the reality of mermaids.

 Thanks Evan!

Hopefully, I can convince others to join me for future thrifting adventures!

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