Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Laziest Way to an Outfit


Remember college?

The days of not showering and wearing the same cardigan for 2 weeks? Or was that just me?

Although I rarely applied it back then, somewhere along my collegiate path I learned the easiest way to get dressed is to wear one.

 Getting dressed like a lazy person. 
 Think about it. 

It's an entire outfit in one piece of clothing. 

There is no mixing of pieces. A printed shift like this can stand on its own without jewelry.  

I bought this gem at St. Vincent de Paul in Mt. Washington in January. I think it was around $5.

I paired it with a slim black belt for structure and black ankle motorcycle boots.
Boots and I are like Britney and Justin. Even though time moves on, the seasons change and Justin marries Jessica, you still want them to be together. Right? Or am I alone in this again?
These bad boys came with me to LA and went into the ocean. 

Turns out, they're not water proof.
I tend to assume all boots are and end up with wet feet.


And because we're talking looking "pulled together,"

above is a dose of reality in terms of photo shooting and of life.

My hair may never stand up to the elements but the dress sure does!
That's why they say jersey is the fabric of the gods!*
*may or may not be an actual saying.

The dress out and about at Findlay.

Bon Nuit!

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  1. Britney and Justin...hilarious! I love the dress, it will pair well with so many other items!