Sunday, July 21, 2013

Reuse, Redesign, Repurpose: A Desk Part II


 As you can recall from Reuse, Redesign, Repurpose...Part I 

I was making over this lovely desk.





You may also recall, painting it turned out to be a bit of work.


So all that effort and there's still two large cracks that render the bottom unable to hold any real weight.
That makes it a little more difficult to use as a writing desk (I have many non-leather bound books).

So now what?


What if it was re-purposed for the hallway?


Above is a view of our foyer.  It's surprisingly large for the size of our house.
Before the desk, I had a bookshelf there, but it didn't quite fill up the space like I wanted.

Most of the accessories seen here are second hand. The frame (left) was $3.50 at Snooty Fox. The lamp was bought as part of a garage sale pair ($5 for the set) then spray painted sliver and given a new shade ($5 from Target). The mail sorter (right) was thrifted for a mere $.50. The thrifted white bowl for keys and what-not was $1. The middle photo in frame is actually our holiday postcard ($.30 each including postage) in a thrifted frame ($.25).  The bottom silver Target tray was $10 new and disguises the large crack.

I should mention that these items were not purchased during one shopping trip or even within one year. It takes time and energy to find useful, useful gems. If it wasn't challenging, everyone would do it. That's why mass production exists, for the ease of consumer access. And also, probably to make someone money. 
Sorry choir, I'll stop preaching now.

This knob is so cute. I'm also a big fan of wear-and-tear.  It says "Hello! I've been loved!" and I like that.

The final texture.

Someday, there will be a photo in this frame and its life mission will be fulfilled. Today is not that day.

Yes, those are real, tiny pressed flowers between glass.

This lamp used to be matte-brown. Adding a bit of shine really made it modern.

 Isn't this an adorable mail sorter? Cory found it, so I can't take credit.
The color/texture combo really helped warm up the stark white of the desk.

Until next time, Bon nuit!



  1. Very cute! I love the wear and tear showing through the paint. I like the aged look. The best part is how you styled it. Very simple but looks like a decorator put it together! I wish I had an eye like that!

  2. AH! I am so excited that you're back! I was just looking through blog updates and saw you posted. Phew. I was worried about you, lol. I love this little desk, especially how you redid it & it's like perfectly styled. I think I need a mail sorter now.