Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nautical Thrifting Nonsense


So I know what you're thinking...

It's the end of December, it can't be that warm in Cincinnati.
Well, you're right.  
These photos are from November 17th when it was still 60 degrees out.
I've been a little lax on the blogging.
It's 35 and snowing here, which I find to be wonderful.  

 I've started making "Thrift Lists."

These lists contain items that I'm looking for that have no real deadline. 
Here's my current list:
Bookends, artist portfolio, wedding dress and a striped shirt.
I have yet to find any of these. 
I've tried on quite a few wedding dresses and striped shirts, but none have been right.
I did however, find these lovely striped sweater.
$2.50 (half off) at Goodwill

Preppy really isn't my style

 so to counteract that vibe, I mixed it with more stripes. 
This is actually a dress a bought for Mexico last summer.  It was $18 at T.J Maxx.

Walking is one of my favorite activities. 

It's possible that I've just aged myself 60 years but

I don't care.

One of my favorite perks of my new job is being able to walk home.
I knew I needed new shoes that would be work appropriate and comfortable enough for the .7 mile stroll.
Don't know if I mentioned this before but,

I'm a boot person.

$69, Clarks from Nordstrom Rack

Stripes on stripes on stripes.


 Side note. 

My hair is not actually long enough the pull the bun off smoothly. There are ruffly 3 billion bobbi pins holding up the back. Fun times.

Bon nuit!

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