Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thrifting Tips: Taming the fashion

Often people complain they don't know how to mix thrift or vintage into their wardrobe without looking costume-y. 

Here are some tips inspired from the outfit at the left.  And, yes, I've worn it out in public.  Last time it was to Target on a Friday afternoon and no one looked at me like I was confused about which century it was.
  • To keep an outfit balanced and realistic, surround bright colors with neutral colors.  

  • Mix bold, vintage silhouettes (such as high waisted pants) with modern shapes (such as high-low tops).
  • Contrast, contrast, contrast! I can't stress this enough. Different textures, shapes, eras keep an outfit feeling fresh.  When in doubt, add an of-the-moment accessory, such as statement boots or a day clutch.

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