Friday, April 19, 2013

Eyelet of April


I've recently become obsessed with buying 100% cotton tops.


I fell for this airy J. Jill swing style button down.

 Purchased from St. Vincent de Paul on Beechmont.

 I probably should have steamed this before taking photos. Oops.
Seen here with J.Crew cropped jeans I found at the same time.
($2.50) It was half off jeans day.

Here's the shirt in action.
And by action I mean napping in Ault park on a beautiful spring day .

 And trying to read but distracted by ants.

This was last Sunday the 14th.
The trees were looking gorgeous per usual.
(courtesy of Cory's photography skills)


  1. I'm the same way with cotton. I abhor fabric touching my upper arm unless it's a natural fiber, so I try to buy cotton tops as much as possible. I love that top! It's very Spring-y. You got a GREAT deal on the jeans! The hat really makes it for me. It screams bright sunny day!

  2. Love that shirt! Your glasses are extra cute, too...I never made it to Ault park and it looks beautiful!