Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Burlington Pike Thrift Store

Burlinton Pike Thrift Store

 The Burlington Pike Thrift Store

is located is located right off the Burlington Pike (of course) on a side street.
It's adjacent to a sports bar (filled with friendly people and an ATM) and

The House of Curious Treasures.

This place is a local business owned by a very friendly and knowledgeable woman.
She gets most of her stock from her customers--- They buy and sell!

 Upstairs is clothing and bags. They have men's, women's and children's items.
The stock is small, reasonably priced and there is even a dressing room/bathroom.

 Downstairs is where the real treasures are.  Everything in here is hand-picked. 
I find the place completely wondrous, like your grandma was a secret thrifter
who was preparing for an apocalypse in which wooden frames,
milk glass, and kitchenware were wiped from the planet.
You can find impractical items such as curved glass candle stick holders
to useful such as an iron and streamer. I bought a coffee grinder and coffee saver tin. 
Both were in pristine condition and work perfectly. I'm looking forward to a return visit.

 This 1970's wood art is a gem I proudly display in the entryway.
 For more information on location and hours check out

Northen Kentucky Thrift Stores.

 Bonne journée à partir Thrift Cincinnati!

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  1. This particular thrift store has changed locations. It's now a couple miles down highway 18 near the Burlington Post Office.