Friday, October 26, 2012

Newport: St. Vincent de Paul

I love the location of this store.  Being right on Monmouth, it's easy to get to, allows for coffee breaks
and a stop at Oh! Darling Vintage.

Half the store is glassware, kitchen ware, kick-knacks, books and vinyl.

Old vinyl allows for cheap art.  3-m them to one wall for a 3-D wallpaper effect.
I've found a couple good Carly Simon records while thrifting as well.

The other half of the store is clothing. The wooden insets make the place feel like an old-timey retail shop. 
It is crowded, every aisle is one-way, but the stock is all in great shape. 
I bought an amazing wide-leg mustard suit for $7.

The dressing room has rules.

As you can see I'm not very good at following them. I bought those high-waisted red pants.

This store carries some furniture.
I'll be back soon.  Thanks Newport!

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