Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is like Forwards for Blogs, Right?

You guys know I'm a little bit slow. 

So it took me a couple week to get on this "Five Things" business that's going around the blogs.  It sort of reminds me of chain letters or email forwards but what the heck.  Ally from Fever Thrift was kind enough to think of me, so I'll give it a shot.

Five things I'm passionate about?

1) Family (friends included!) You guys are swell. Keep it up.

2) Writing. Not to get cheeche (Cheesy + Cliche = Cheeche) but it's what I love.

3) Human Rights. Gay Rights. Lady Right. Rights of any kind.
4) Thrifting. Don't work all day just to blow your money on a mall t-shirt.

5) Joan of Arc, Helen Keller and Kanye West. They're my inspiration crew forever and for always.

Five things I want to do before I die?

1) Run a Marathon. I started training a couple years ago and three weeks in I fell roller skating and burst my bursa sack. Classic Amy.

2) Have a national writing presence. I don't even care which nation, just one of them.

3) Own a dog. Run with that dog.

4) Fall from the sky (on purpose).

5) Live to see gay marriage legalized in every state.

Five things I say a lot?

1) "So close."

2) "I feel..."

3) "Ouch!" - have I mentioned I'm clumsy?

4) "That's sexist." I enjoy a good rant


Five favorite movies?

1) Midnight in Paris

2) Being John Malkovich

3) Rocket Science

4) Zoolander

5) Anchorman

Five favorite thrifted items?

1) Clarks sandals

2) Pressed flower frame

3) Faux pearl necklace with flowers.

4) YSL leather and brass belt

5) Our first couch. Bought at a Missouri Goodwill for $39.
It made the 4 mile trip from the store to our house like this.
And yes, everyone was pointing and laughing at us. :)
Bonne nuit de Cincinnati Thrift!

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  1. That flower frame is precious! You truly have an eye for lovely details.